In Bergamo, they paid their best tribute to Enzo Donna. He died Friday, at the age of 69, and like the city’s football club, Atalanta wanted to mark the death of a former popular player, and later coach and talent seeker, with a congregation of supporters, such gatherings are currently prohibited. in Italy, especially in Bergamo. Champions League fans can book Champions League Final Tickets on our website on discounted prices.

The prosperous city of Lombardy is the European epicenter of Covid-19, the virus that killed Donna. Local lives are lost at a rate of almost one per half-hour according to weekend bulletins from the overworked health service of Bergamo.

Champions League Final Tickets - Atalanta qualifies for the quarter-finals of the Champions League
Atalanta qualifies for the quarter-finals of the Champions League

In Donna’s obituary in the Eco di Bergamo newspaper, it was reported that he, a veteran of the 1971 Atalanta promotion season and, in his sixties, an active contributor to the club’s fine record for youth development footballers, had joined the happiest story in Bergamo. these last months.

Donna was present for some of the adventures that Atalanta experienced during the club’s first trip to the Champions League, witnessing the fairy tale that captivated European audiences until the sport was locked in the face of a global crisis.

To recap, to what seems much more than two weeks ago, Atalanta reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League. And they did it in defiance of all odds, after losing their first three games in the group stage before making a comeback.

The comeback got off to a good start, with the competition’s beginners beating Valencia 8-4 overall in the round of 16. The first leg was quite a spectacle: 4-1 against Atalanta, the underdogs.

Champions League Final Tickets - Atalanta qualifies for the quarter-finals of the Champions League
Atalanta qualifies for the quarter-finals of the Champions League

This match, on February 19, took place in San Siro, Milan, the legendary big arena that Atalanta borrowed for their European campaign, its capacity and infrastructure being better adapted to the needs of UEFA than their home in Bergamo, with its 21,000 seats, most of them uncovered.

More than 40,000 Atalanta fans have traveled the 50 kilometers from Bergamo to San Siro. Valencia supporters came in large numbers from Spain. It is these figures, much more than the five objectives of the night, which are now memorized, dissected and analyzed.

This match was a loudspeaker to spread the coronavirus infection,” Francesco Le Foche, a Rome-based immunologist, told various Italian media, echoing several medical experts who reported that a specific Atalanta-Valencia device catalyzed the health crisis in Bergamo. , and as a remarkable example of how the Italian authorities imposed traffic control much later, in front of Covid-19, than they should have done.

You had almost 50,000 people going from Bergamo to Milan, sitting together in buses, trains, restaurants, and cafes,” added Le Foche, “and 14 days later, it was when the contagion in the area exploded.

Atalanta can hardly be held responsible for the accomplishment of this meeting, nor for the enthusiasm of its supporters to be there. The Atalanta 4, Valence 1 was perhaps the biggest night in the history of a club whose only major trophy was the Coppa Italia of 1963. But Atalanta 4, Valence 1 now carries undesirable infamy, the day where Italy has not responded to a public health emergency.

The resumption of Italian Serie A, not to mention the Champions League, seems at best in several weeks. When he tiptoes, the first matches will likely be played behind closed doors, as was Atalanta’s return match in Valencia.

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