While the 2019-2020 Champions League is on hold, the best thing to do is think. And today, we reflect on the most important treble marked this quarter. Champions League fans can book Champions League Final Tickets on our website on discounted prices.

It has just been announced that this year’s Champions League final, slated to take place in May, will be postponed indefinitely. This does not strike us as a shock as the Coronavirus continues to increase worldwide.

Champions League Final Tickets - Champions League - Josip Ilicic scored the hat-trick this season
Champions League – Josip Ilicic scored the hat-trick this season

During the suspension of football due to COVID-19, the only thing that can be done is to think. Think about the most difficult moments of the 2019-2020 season before the end, suddenly. If not, think about past events. Predict the near and far future. A currently uncertain future at the moment, but predict that we can.

355 goals

The best club tournament in Europe scored 355 goals before being suspended. The group stages were spoiled with 323 goals. The group with the most goals was none other than group E. The group which housed the previous champions, Liverpool and the young prince of football, Erling Braut Haaland.

Beyond the group stage, 12 games were played while three never made the chronology before COVID-19 became the main page in the four corners of the world, and Europe became the epicenter of all of this.

Champions League Final Tickets – Champions League – Josip Ilicic scored the hat-trick this season

In addition to this heavy scoring, there were 10 hat tricks, nine in the group stage and only one in the first round of the round of 16. This was the most important of all and it was an easy selection.

The heroism of Josip Ilicic against Valence

It was a special night for the club and the player. Not only was he able to bring the ball home, but he also had to take the corner flag too, as he scored four goals overnight in a well-contested game. The final score was 3-4 for Italian visitors, thanks to a solo massacre by Josip Ilicic.

Even better, the 32-year-old scored the most goals on both legs with five goals to his credit. The player enjoyed his lot with Atalanta in the cup, and I hope it can continue when football returns.

Man of the Match award

After the match, he received the Man of the Match award and the ball. During the two stages, he was the most important player in the knockout stages of the Champions League. Well done!

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