Return videos have been around recently with so many isolated or stranded people, so it’s inevitable that legendary European teams will be featured. Some people would say that Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona is the major we have ever seen, while others would point to the typical AC Milan and Real Madrid teams over the years.

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Whichever squad you liked the most, you can’t deny the preference of opening a debate on the best teams in the Champions League in history. And here at GIVEMESPORT, we like Tier Maker’s way of dealing with these kinds of quarrels, and we’ve decided to filter out each Champions League winner in our level system.

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So yes, it’s every team that has won since 1992 – except for Real Madrid’s hat-trick winners, which we have put together into one – and you can see how we ranked them below: You are making your luck in sports. So this category is for teams that have drawn on their underdog minds, which is a very big compliment depending on how you look at it.

Liverpool wasn’t quite vintage when it triumphed in 2005 – it was a team that finished fifth in the Premier League, after all – and their semi-final victory over Chelsea remains controversial. And although we can never deny their incredible character in the final, Milan should have seen the game either by parking the bus or by pulling harder on Andriy Shevchenko.

Chelsea was one of the most surprising winners of all time in 2012 and the fact that they were shot 35-9 for shots in the final highlights how they flew by the bench of their pants that year. The Blues were terrible during the group stages, needed a remarkable comeback against Napoli, and were lucky that Barcelona did not finish them and earnt drawbacks when the chips fell. As for Porto, just look at their last-minute equalizer at Old Trafford, the fact that they were second best against Deportivo in the semi-finals and draw Monaco in the climax to see how fortune has favored them.

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Dortmund is debatably the strongest team in this group with heroes like Lars Ricken, Paulo Sousa, Karl-Heinz Riedle and Matthias Sammer who find themselves in a mustache of “ brilliant ” status. Meanwhile, Milan was rather lackluster in 2003, scoring only four goals in five knockout matches, as well as five of six in the group stage, was partly responsible for the very first scoreless final.

Depending on what you like, Inter was either a level of deity in 2010 or a football travesty with their cunning tactics under Jose Mourinho, so we think putting them in the middle is the right thing to do. And Real’s very first victory in the Champions League was certainly their weakest, although defeating a Juventus team led by Zinedine Zidane in the final should not be sniffed.

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