Ivan Rakitic smiles on the cover of Spain’s most popular sports daily Marca. The Croatia representative and Barcelona champion was given the space he deserves for his status over the past years at Camp Nou, though he spoke about football the least. Euro 2020 fans can book England Vs Croatia Tickets on our website on exclusively discounted prices.

In Spain, the main topic today is the coronavirus pandemic.Tl.portal reports that football players in Spain are preparing to return to training, but the situation with the coronavirus pandemic is still far from over – more than 212,000 people have been infected, with some 25,000 dead from the effects of this vicious infection.

Euro 2020 – Ivan Rakitic Ready to Play Football Again

So, what is Ivan Rakitic missing most during home isolation?

“Like everyone, I miss the little joys and rituals that makeup life; driving my daughter to school, breakfast in the city, physical activity, peace. In this situation, I learned a lot, but the most important thing is that I now appreciate the seemingly small things far more and moments that we normally took for granted. And, of course, family and closest friends. In this regard, isolation was particularly difficult for me, because my family and close friends were scattered throughout Switzerland, Croatia, and Spain. I thank God everyone is fine,” Rakitic said, admitting he could not imagine living in something like this:

“No one could have imagined something like this. I know that we at the club took the whole situation very seriously. We went to play the first game of the Champions League round of 16 with Napoli, already aware that anything could happen. We must now be positive and also aware that everything we do to prevent the spread of the infection is truly good for us. I learned that you have to appreciate those little details you go through every day. The simplest moments are also the most beautiful. With family, friends, people you love. This has taught us a lot.”

Euro 2020 – Ivan Rakitic Ready to Play Football Again

The situation is not at all pleasant, and it has been scary for many.

“I would not say fear is the right word, I was more caught up in some uncertainty. I’m a person who lives organized, I don’t like surprises of this type. I like to have things under control, and this has thrown my family, from Seville, Switzerland, and Croatia, into uncertainty. It is good that there are modern technologies so that we could motivate each other a lot. I admit, there were moments of anxiety, but thank God my family is fine,” admits Rakitic, who has a message of encouragement for all:

“Many around the world have suffered and they are all our heroes. I would like to express eternal gratitude to them. Humanity will never forget this, but we must not allow ourselves to be left with only ugly and negative memories. We should always be in solidarity with one another, as in the time of the corona. Let’s get the power to move forward.”

Euro 2020 – Ivan Rakitic Ready to Play Football Again

What is the future of football? In some countries, the season will not reconvene.

“Everyone has the right to make their own decision. We see that the French league, one of the most important in Europe, will not play and that must be respected. Each national federation will decide what is best for it and how to bridge this gap of non-playing. I also think that one cannot make the same decisions, that everything cannot continue at the same time,” said Rakitic, who still thinks that football holds an essential place in everyday life: 

“Football is very important to many people, and the proof of that is the money that revolves around it. I have heard a lot lately about the problems that await football if it is not played. Of course, they are economical – money, European competitions, promotions and relegation, TV rights, calendars … But, it’s not about the fans, those who have their football was taken away overnight and all those who live for football, “says Rakitic, and adds:

“I think it’s time for all the football staff to stand up and unanimously say that they are not playing football for economic reasons. We need to get young people interested in doing what they love, regardless of the millions who invest in football. For starters, one should move away from thoughts of the virus and infection, have fun with friends, find a reason to be happy. Now is the time for all athletes to unite and support those who need the most support.”

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