The last competitive match was played by Marek Suchy in September in the jersey of the Czech national football team in Montenegro. Then he was not injured on the field for several months. Euro 2020 fans can book England Vs Czech Republic Tickets on our website on exclusively discounted prices. 

But now he’s fit again and determined to push himself.I’m looking ahead. I have a great desire to fight for a place both in Augsburg and in the national team.

You have been on the national team since 2010 and only Ondřej Kúdela is older from the current staff. Do you feel that your position on the national team has changed during that time?

The truth is, I have never had a secure and firm position. After all, the international level is just different from the club level. I have already experienced a lot of coaches in the national team and it has always been and is an honor for me to represent.

It means motivation for me to work on myself. Of course, with age, I feel that my position has changed. I have guys around me with whom we have known each other for a long time and we understand each other. And gradually one must take responsibility. I have become accustomed to this in Basel in recent years.

What else would you like to achieve with the national team?

I want success in EURO 2020.

This is due to coronavirus postponed to 2021. For the same reason, the German league is also interrupted. But Augsburg is one of the few teams that still train on the field at this time, albeit in a limited mode. How does it look?

In the week before the game stopped, a new coach arrived. We agreed with him and the club management that we would train with the current measures. After all, a break at home will affect you. So we are divided into two or three groups. The training is absolute without contacts, we move as far apart as possible.

We do exercises with the ball, passes, long balloons, technical exercises. In short, to have the ball on our feet every day and not get out of it completely. Then there are jogging, intense runs to the stairs and the like. I like it. At the same time, of course, we try to comply with all measures.

What does it mean?

No one is allowed to take risks. We must keep our distance from others. For example, I try to go to the cabin as little as possible, so I change at home. I go straight to training so that I am not in contact with anyone, and after training, I shower again at home.

At the same time, everyone has to report to the doctor immediately if they are just a little cracked, which is an absolute basis. Euro 2020 fans can book the Czech Republic Euro Cup Tickets on our website on exclusively discounted prices.

And what about everyday life in Germany? Has he changed a lot?

Closed shops are needed. And also all the places where we could otherwise take the children. Maybe different actresses. And of course, the schools are closed as well, so the children are at home from morning to evening. The daughter gets homework remotely. 

The son is younger, he doesn’t go to school yet. He had only just started going to kindergarten, but only managed two weeks before she was locked up.

Does life in a new environment suit you?

Augsburg is a larger city than Basel. We like it here. We have a nice house, a piece of the international school and a kindergarten for children, close to nature… We like the environment. I think we have quite mastered the transition from one country to another and we are satisfied.

Did it make it easier for you to adapt that there are other Czech players Tomas Koubek and Jan Moravek in the team?

Terribly! This is a huge advantage. Both were a support to me even at the time of the injury. It dragged on, but they both supported me, as did my wife and children. It is always pleasant when you can chat with someone in a foreign environment, even in the Czech.

I was lucky in Basel, where I was with Tomas Vaclik. But the advantage was also that I speak German. New teammates will appreciate it and everything is much easier.

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