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Rugby World Cup 2023 tickets were made offered to fans

Next, a presale dated in March for the members of the “2023 Family”. The first stage of the general community ticket sale was throwing on 6 April. Fans linked in huge numbers to the ticketing stage to gain ‘City’ and ‘Track my Team’ packs. A new best was set with up to 4,000 tickets are retail per minute.

350,000 tickets accessible were sold:

For fans who were not able to get tickets. The France 2023 organizing team notifies that new goods and tickets for the knockout stages. It will make accessible to the general community in autumn 2021. is the best secondary ticket marketplace from where fans can buy France Rugby World Cup Tickets.

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We feel we met the expectations of both French and international fans

Claude Atcher, CEO France 2023 said: “These 350,000 tickets that sold in record time. It confirms the global interest in this Rugby World Cup. The products or our pricing policy offers will be. We feel, we met the expectations of both French and international fans.”

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