UEFA postponing the European Championships to next year, the summer is now free for the national leagues to try to end their seasons. But the Premier League faces the prospect of playing the remaining 92 games behind closed doors, and may not be able to do so until July or August, while contracts and player transfers are also problematic.

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A report in The Athletic on Friday found that a high-level Premier League official wants the season canceled, even if it means boring champions electing Liverpool. The article was published on Instagram and the assistant to Chelsea Morris – who has allegedly been warned of social media conduct by club leaders in the past – clicked the Like button.

Chelsea would be one of many winners if the Premier League season is canceled, with the Blues likely to maintain third place in the 2018/19 campaign and therefore be assured of qualifying for the Champions League for the new season.

Premier League chief Morris’ comment on The Athletic replied was overwhelming about the potential for a continuation of the season, saying, I hope the situation will change by then, but unfortunately, the world is changing and it changes for the worse every day.

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Finish it and say the new league will start in September.” We now look like bubbly and ridiculous kids. passionately believe that what we are doing is wrong. And I would like to think that my colleagues now also believe that the world has changed. It is a scary place right now and we have to treat it seriously.

It’s clear what’s going to happen. It’s a global pandemic. You just started over and there are very few losers. Liverpool, I know. But in the grand scheme of things, honestly, it didn’t it doesn’t matter. You just have to start again. End this league with all the consequences that come with it.

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