Premier League footballers are likely to accept salary deferrals as clubs seek to avoid financial problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Football in England being suspended until April 30 at the earliest, Premier League clubs are concerned about the drying up of their incomes and should discuss Friday with the Association of professional footballers on wages.

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The issue will then be discussed when the 20 top clubs hold their next video conference on April 3 and although it is recognized that players will be reluctant to take permanent pay cuts, it is expected that they will agree to have their wages deferred. Clubs should adopt the measures as a collective instead of taking unilateral measures.

There is a desire to make significant savings while the games are suspended, a source said the clubs feared facing cash flow problems. Clubs are missing door revenue and other game revenue and they also expect to make much less money if games resume in camera.

A club executive told the Guardian that firing people in non-player departments would barely scratch the surface when so much money is spent on paying players. Although sources have said that some players will not be satisfied with not receiving their full salary, it has also been pointed out that Premier League players are earning enough not to face short-term financial difficulties.

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Several agents believe that this decision is inevitable. Premier League owners have seen players from the Football League making cuts. Leading the league, Leeds United has announced that its players, coaching staff and senior management have volunteered to benefit from a salary deferral to ensure that non-football staff can continue to be paid.

Leeds hopes the savings will also allow them to pay their casual staff, and the move comes after Birmingham City asked its players to defer half their wages for the next four months. The impact of Covid-19 is not only felt in England. Barcelona, ​​at the head of the Spanish championship, remains in talks with its players on the reduction of 70% in wages.

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