England captain Harry Kane is unlikely to be fit for Euro 2020, a leading orthopedic surgeon has said. Euro 2020 fans can book England Vs Czech Republic Tickets on our website on exclusively discounted prices.

Kane went under the knife on Saturday to overhaul a broke tendon in his left hamstring and the club has thought they think him to restart training in April. However, his participation at this summer’s Euro 2020 tournament was rushed into hesitation earlier.

Principal Doctor thinks Harry Kane to Miss Euro 2020 with injury

Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho elevated the prospect of Kane not being fit till next season. And now Chris Wilson, 1 of the country’s conspicuous doctors in the way, says he thinks it is more probable to be 6 months before Kane could play over again.

“I would expect it to be six months before he could return to action,” Dr. Wilson, who has done the same operation seventy-five times, told the PA news agency.

There is a big variety of sight because it is such a rare process and some surgeons may say quicker. If the overhaul was good and sound, the first 6 weeks he will be nursing the restoration and doing very little. Euro 2020 fans can book England Euro Cup Tickets on our website on exclusively discounted prices.

Euro 2020 – Kane has a past of daring medical opinion to return fast from a thread of ankle ligament injuries

“If it was me I would say aim for getting fit for pre-season training. I am aware of Harry Kane’s case they have been saying April or May I have to say I would be very surprised.”

Kane suffered the wound while scoring an offside goal in a 1-0 loss at Southampton on New Year’s Day. Kane has a past of daring medical opinion to return fast from a thread of ankle ligament injuries. Euro 2020 fans can book Group D Euro 2020 Tickets on our website on exclusively discounted prices.

Dr. Wilson is the surgeon for Championship sides Cardiff and Swansea and has operated on Olympic athletes. Dr. Wilson has advised care with Kane’s rescue, even if he senses well.

“There is a risk of recurrence,” he said. “When you do a hamstring repair, you’ll tell the athlete there is a risk of re-rupture.

Coming back too early upsurges the risk of re-break. There is no getting around that. Most of the doctors will say it will take at least 3 months before he is doing some normal running and exercise. He may resist prospects. If it was me, I would say forget playing before 6 months, no matter how good you feel.

“His surgeon may be a bit more relaxed about it and say, ‘Get to three months and see how he is’.”

With a summer’s Euro 2020 tournament just 5 months away, where England play their 3 group games on home dirt, Dr. Wilson says Kane’s surgeon could come under stress to give him the limelight to improve.

“It’s not impossible (he could return sooner), maybe with a repair of the single tear,” he said.

It is not really a set science. The specialist will know how robust the repair is. The club’s staff may be striking away at the surgeon. I have had this with footballers and rugby players, they may say, ‘Look he is fine, why are we land him back?’.

“The trainers shorten the recovery, with the intensity of input they may get him back in three or four months, who knows, but personally I would be very surprised.”

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