The Premier League has been postponed until the end of April due to the pandemic but will continue “indefinitely” until the end of the campaign. It has been suggested that the remaining 92 games be played behind closed doors. But Ferdinand thinks it would create problems if fans then gathered in large numbers to celebrate, which goes against government advice to stay away from each other.

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I know a lot of Liverpool fans are going to say “oh, Rio, it’s just because you were playing for Man United. I just do not see a way to do it where health doesn’t cooperate. As simple as that. All this behind closed doors – you are always going to have players there, players are not part of the society?

Some players go after the illness that may not have recovered or caught it from someone, and then it spreads to other players. It would not be fair, these are not a near playing field. I don’t think it’s fair. There will be people in the ground, security, it puts everyone in danger. All of that, oh, we are going to win this “or” this or that could go down “, you have to put that stuff aside.

These are life and death situations, of society in the grand scheme of things. Football is not that bad in this sense. “Look, we all love it but it is not life or death, when it comes to things like that, you have to put people’s health first.” Start the season, wipe clean once that this whole health problem has been resolved, we can start the new season, but I don’t see that happening at that time.

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Now if we wake up one morning next month and everything is gone and the country can get back to normal immediately, we can have a conversation about it. I don’t see that happening, not from what we’re told. And the experiences that other countries have two or three weeks before us, we are not going to be able to do that.

PSG against Dortmund the other day, behind closed doors, but outside there were thousands of fans. Imagine Liverpool winning the league, what they would do, do you think these fans after 30 years of injury will stay home and say “well-done guys”?

Not everyone makes sense in such situations. People will try to celebrate and go crazy because that is what football does, it brings out emotions and people sometimes act out of their character. A team that survives the relegation in the Premier League, do you think these fans will not come out to celebrate?

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Sheffield United be eligible for the Champions League, do you think their fans will not go bananas? PSG fans the other day were not a huge game, the sensation stages of the Champions League were not a trophy, and their fans were bananas. It is football.

I think it will be silly to do it and put these fans in a place that will do things that do not suit society in general. Exhausts the entire season. It is a shame because a lot of energy has gone into it People have participated a lot physically, emotionally, financially, but it’s bigger than that.

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